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Sharbari's Gold Jewelry Collection for Men
It is only in the post-industrial revolution ethos dominated by Victorian taboos that men were tutored to turn away from jewelry and floral prints just as they were told it's effeminate to cry or mind the baby.

Yet, look back at human civilization and you see popes and emperors, American Indian warriors and African chiefs, Central Asian tribesmen and European lords displaying jewelry on fingers, belts, ears, necks, heads and shoes, not to speak of body paint and fine etching on metal armor.

Likewise in India, from Mohenjodaro to the Mughals, from mythology to religious and social ceremonies extravagant male fashions had jewelry as an integral part.

Actually, even now, most men wear some kind of accessory, which is usually gold. Like finger rings and tiepins and cufflinks.

As a designer of menswear Sharbari wished to reinstate the Indian heritage in clothes, not merely as museum exhibits, but as eminently wearable wardrobe masterpieces for the millennium men. Thus were the Sherwani or Angrakha reinvented and the Dhoti appeared in a new avatar. In jewelry it was the same thing: bringing back the tradition of male jewelry.

Whether everybody wears her creation or not she will be happy with influencing the tastes and setting trends. That is what Sharbari's menswear did. And that is what, in this post-modern age of changing attitudes and values, her jewelry will do.

As a designer Sharbari felt that little experimentation had been attempted in crafting standardized uninspired pieces of accepted male jewelry. She invented unusual new pieces and also gave a new identity to such ritual necessities as the holy thread and in general, experimented with the designs of the jewellery.


Her decision to rediscover the tradition of gold jewellery for men was the most natural thing to do. For the last ten years she had concentrated on male attire and now she was extending her creativity to gold. Her clothes are special occasion clothes and hence primarily in heavy silk, and her jewelry is in gold, the metal that combines art, investment and social values; the metal most men prefer to wear when they go for jewellery.

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Perhaps to follow up her experimentation with gold with another bold fashion statement, Sharbari has recently introduced an exclusive diamond jewellery collection.
The collection has been created in collaboration with Uni-Design Jewellery Pvt Ltd., a company promoted and managed by Mahendra Brothers Group, one of the leading diamond manufacturing and exporting firms.
As if to make another fashion statement, the designer this time chose diamond to play with the cliché that makes the passion for diamonds, the cartel of women.

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